CHEE380: Biochemical Engineering

CHEE380: Biochemical Engineering


Dr. Andrew J. Daugulis, 
Dupuis Hall 316.

Instructor Office hours: I will be available during the scheduled tutorials to answer questions pertaining to the course material.

Course Description

Biochemical Engineering involves the application of Chemical Engineering principles and approaches to biologically-based systems and processes. Biochemical Engineering is central to the area of Environmental Engineering, and to Biotechnology processes which produce pharmaceuticals, fine chemicals and genetically engineered products. The course involves a systematic and quantitative description of medium formulation and sterilization, microbial kinetics and bioreactor design, product isolation and purification, and examples of current industrial practices and processes.

Course Information

Lectures: Monday (2:30), Wednesday (2:30) and Friday (3:30) in KINE 101.

Wednesday (4:30) in KINE 101.

TAs, TA Office Hours and Exam

Jesse Harris:

Bowen Yang:


TA Office Hours will be set as the term progresses. Email the TAs first if you have questions about the Problem Sets.

Final Exam: Check Queen's Exam website for location

Exam Office Hours: 
Additional Office Hours will be arranged leading up to the Final Exam.

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