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Undergraduate Studies

Degree Opportunities

A degree in Engineering Chemistry opens many doors to opportunities that both chemistry and engineering graduates have access to.


Recent graduates of Engineering Chemistry have found diverse careers which allow them to use their training towards:


  • fiber optics development
  • containment of mining wastes so as to prevent pollution of rivers
  • optimization of petroleum reservoir engineering
  • corrosion prevention in fabricated steel
  • modifying process and reactor design so as to produce polymers of novel properties
  • design and production of biologically important agents for application in medicine, agriculture, and other areas


Biotechnology is an expanding field where engineering chemistry graduates can link their science-based knowledge to practical problems. Engineering Chemists are responsible for designing the industrial processes that provide materials, petroleum products and plastics that make our lives easier and more productive. As an Engineering Chemist you might develop an economical process to commercialize a newly developed pharmaceutical product by a genetically engineered microorganism, you may manage or design a wastewater treatment facility to meet environmental norms or you may remediate an already polluted area.


You can also use your Engineering Chemistry degree as the foundation to pursue graduate studies in fields such as law, medicine and business. Many of our Engineering Chemistry graduates go to prestigious graduate schools such as Oxford, Cambridge and Stanford.