CHEE 218: Laboratory Projects I

Course Description

Laboratory Projects I (CHEE 218) is the first course in a series of three engineering laboratory courses taught by the Department of Chemical Engineering at Queen's University. This course is offered to second year Chemical Engineering Students only.

The projects provide a practical introduction to processes that occur in chemical engineering operations. Bench-scale and pilot plant equipment are used. Students plan and carry out the experiments, analyze the data and prepare written reports. (0/0/0/30/0)

PREREQUISITES: APSC 100, CHEE 209, or permission of the department

Course Information - Winter 2021

N.B The information provided below is currently undergoing edits for Winter 2021

Partial course content (for individuals not currently registered in the course) may be accessed via the following links:

Complete course content, including project resources, scheduling info, submission links, etc., will be available at the start of winter term on the CHEE 218 onQ website (select the link below for more information):

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