CHEE 315: Laboratory Projects II

Course Description

CHEE 315 is the second of three engineering laboratory project courses offered in the Department of Chemical Engineering. It is primarily offered to third year students and builds upon the knowledge base gained from the first engineering laboratory project course (CHEE 218).

The main objectives are to develop skill in using process and analytical equipment, to examine the strengths, weaknesses, and limitations of current theory, to improve the student's ability to obtain and interpret data, to demonstrate the value of planning experiments, to develop engineering judgement, and to provide experience in oral and written reporting. (0/0/0/48/0)


Course Information - Winter 2021

N.B The information provided below is currently undergoing edits for Winter 2021

Partial course content (for individuals not curently registered in the course) may be accessed via the following links:

Complete course content, including project resources, scheduling info, submission links, etc., will be available at the start of winter term on the CHEE 315 onQ website (select the link below for more information):

Last updated June 12, 2020