Fall Term Milestones 

Sept 12th

Course Welcome

Project List released for bidding

Sept 14th

Due: Project Bids (11:59pm)

Sept 19th

Project assignments posted

Project Management - Part 1 

Financial and Travel Arrangements 

Sept 26th

Team Building & Design Alliance (Alexandra Shaw, Quantum Leap Leadership Inc.)

Client Relations

Sept 28th 

Due: Fall Project Plan

Before Oct 3rd


  • Design Alliance
  • Two sets of meeting minutes; first Advisor meeting and first Client meeting (see TEAM manual).
  • Waiver of Liability signed by the client.
  • Confidentiality Agreement (CA) or Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) signed by you, instructors, advisors and the client, OR a client signed statement No CA/NDA Required Form. (Make sure you to include your advisors and instructors in the agreements).

Oct 3rd

Expert Schedule Building Tips (Matt Van Nest, WorleyParsons) 

LEAN (Larry Cote, LEAN Advisors)

Oct 10th

Fall Project Plan - General Feedback

Project Management - Part 2 (Dave Mody)

Oct 17th

Utilizing Library Resources (Michael White) 

IP Resources (Angela Lyon)

Oct 24th

Bombardier Design Process (Matthew Hofford)

Oct 31st

Project Risk Analysis

Nov 7th

The Art of Awesome Presentations


  • Project Backgrounder
  • Project Plan
  • Statement of Work

(see Information page and TEAM Manual for more info)

Nov 14th

The Changing Landscape of Project Management (David Purvis)

Nov 21st

Six Sigma (Fred Godbille)

Feedback on Project Plans

Nov 28th

Technology Evaluation (David Berg)

Wrap-up and Prep for Winter

Dec 3rd or earlier

Due: 1st Progress Report (see TEAM Manual for evaluation criteria)

Submission: Statement of Work to Client for review and signature (some clients will want to review the Project Plan as well)

Please review the TEAM Manual for detailed expectations of deliverables and evaluation information.
1. Course Kickoff & TEAM formation
     o Initial Lectures / seminars in subjects of interest - see fall meeting schedule above
     o Project Bidding & Group formation (mid Sept - depending on clients - see schedule)
     o Initial Group Meeting for Ground rules and Roles: The material developed here will guide your teamwork throughout the semester, and must be included in your first progress report.
     o Meet Advisor
     o Meet Client
     o Start process of dealing with project legal aspects (confidentiality, waiver of liability, etc)
     o Sept. 28 - Submit Fall Project Plan

2. Project Background Research, Client Meeting, Development of Project Plan & Statement of Work (Oct/Nov)
     o Before Oct 3rd, after 1st Client meeting - Hand in:
         -Two sets of meeting minutes from first Advisor meeting and first Client meeting (see TEAM manual).
         -Waiver of Liability signed by the client.
         -Confidentiality Agreement (CA) or Non-disclosure agreement ( NDA) signed by you, instructors, advisors and the client, OR a client signed statement No CA/NDA Required Form. Make sure you to include your advisors and instructors in the agreements.
     o Begin background research into problem to assist in developing Winter Project Plan
     o Develop Winter Project Plan and Statement of Work in consultation with client

3.  Project Backgrounder Due, Winter Project Plan & Statement of Work issued for internal review (Due: Nov 7th, 4pm) hard copy and electronically over CloudFiles
     o Issue your Project Backgrounder.
     o Issue Statement of Work (SOW) document to instructors, advisor.
     o Issue Winter Project Plan document to instructors, advisor.

Nov 7th thru Dec 3rd - Review SOW, Project Backgrounder and Project Plan with instructors and advisors. Groups are responsible for arranging meetings (~1 hour) with instructors as early as possible to have enough time to implement revisons if any before Dec due date.

4. Statement of Work Issued to Client for signature & First Progress Report (Due: Dec 4th or before)
     o Final Signed (by you) Statement of Work to be issued for client signature and to be returned to you by first week in January (or earlier)
     o Progress Report

Winter Term Meeting Schedule

Meetings will be held in Dupuis Hall, Room 427 - for those of you unfamiliar with Dupuis Hall there is a small passageway door leading up the stair to the 4th floor from the north side of the landing on the 3rd floor (look hard)

Winter Term Milestones

1. Detailed Project Work - Winter Term (January - April)
     o Week 1 (Jan 7th - 11th) - Project Status Presentation to Course Instructors: Outline Project Objectives to bring faculty up to speed and  lay out your plan for the upcoming weeks
     o Weekly group meetings (January-April) will be held with the course instructors. Every team should:
      -Submit weekly Status Memos over Cloudfiles, due every Monday morning at 8:30 from January onwards until final report is issued. Note, on dates that Project Plan updates are due, the weekly status memo is not required.
      -Submit a meeting agenda (delivered by 5pm the day before your meeting, over Cloudfiles)
      -The meeting will end with Q&A and suggestions from the instructors
2. Progress Reports - to be submitted over Cloudfiles and in a Binder by 5pm on the due date. Follow this link for writing and submission guidelines and see TEAM Manual for evaluation criteria
     o Report #2 due Monday February 12th, before noon
     o Report #3 (which is a "draft" final report) due 1-2 weeks before your team's final presentation
3. Practice Presentations (March through April) - 2 to 3 hour slots will be scheduled with each team
4. Final Reports and Presentations to Clients (Late March/ April)
5. Peer & Self-Assessment, Project Closeout Report (April)