TEAM Application Procedure

2019/2020 School Year - Application Procedure

Applications open: May 6th, 2019 

Deadline: June 7th, 2019. Applications will continue to be accepted on rolling basis, until class is filled (Note: Most spots fill up by the end of June!) 

Requirements: Read Project Management for Dummies, and submit your transcript, resume and cover letter (see more info below on the suggested content). Include your student number and Queen's email in the submitted documents. 

Hello, and thank you for your interest in TEAM! If you have any questions about the information below, please feel free to contact Ashwin Gupta (

TEAM operates with real industrial projects. Due to the strong demand, the maximum course enrollment has been capped. For students outside of Applied Science, we HIGHLY recommend that you sign up for an alternate course, in the event that you are not accepted to TEAM. You can check the current project list (or lists of projects that have been completed in the past) any time (link). Note it is normal for the list to seem incomplete during the summer. If you know of a possible project/client, please email with contact information and we will follow up.

All students are expected to read Project Management for Dummies, and provide a transcript, resume and cover letter. Make sure to include your student number and Queen's email in the submitted documents. The cover letter should explain why you want to participate in the TEAM course, why you think you are a good candidate (i.e how you will contribute in a multidisciplinary team), and a few things that prove you have read Project Management for Dummies and have knowledge of the basic project management steps and tools. You can describe something you found interesting in the book, how you might use the steps in your existing job, what tools you're interested in trying, or even things you don't agree with and why. We predict it will be a tough year to find projects, thus we will be judging the quality of the cover letters closely, and those letters that don’t meet our expectations will be placed at the bottom of our acceptance list. I would strongly suggest your letter convey as deep an understanding of project management as possible. Read the text, and communicate your thoughts on project management clearly. Go beyond the minimum expectations.  

Note: Experience is an asset, but a willingness to go the extra mile (or two) is crucial. TEAM is effort intensive!

All students are expected to read the course text, Project Management for Dummies, 4th Edition (ISBN-13: 978-8126542574). It's a quick read and is essential preparation for TEAM. If you're very keen, there are a few other suggested readings that listed on the Queen's Campus Bookstore list.

EVERYONE: Please go to the following website and fill in the survey (if you haven't already) about project interests (link).


Students interested in registering in APSC 400 should email their transcript, resume and cover letter to Ashwin Gupta ( Due to the project dependent nature of this course, it is recommended that you register in an alternate course in the event that there aren’t enough projects available for all applicants.

Around mid-August, once the project list has been populated and confirmed, the instructors will email candidates to confirm if their application has been approved and accepted. 

Note from course instructor:

If at all possible (i.e. you're in Kingston at some point over the summer), I would like to meet you. Send an email to and we can setup a time.

In early September, the instructor will send the list of students to be registered into CHEE400 to Liann Joanette, Undergraduate Program Assistant, Chemical Engineering. 

Applied Science students

 For engineering students, Liann Joanette, the Undergraduate Program Assistant, will register you into APSC 400 and send you an email confirmation.

Non-Applied Science students

For non-engineering students registering in an Applied Science course, there are a few steps to follow in September. 

Step #1  (After your application has been accepted)

Pick up an academic change form (ACF) from your department and complete the student portions of the form. A signature is also required by your department (eg. advisor, UG Chair), to indicate that they approve the student taking this course. 

a) Law Students - Pick up an ACF from Nancy Somers, Macdonald Hall, MAC 512. Nancy will sign the advisor's section of the form.
b) Business Students - Pick up an ACF from Julie Carty, Goodes Hall Room 130. Julie will sign the advisor's section of the form.
c) Science Students - Pick up an ACF from your undergraduate secretary and have them sign the advisor's section of the form.

Step #2 - Obtain the instructor's initials on the ACF (Ashwin Gupta, Dupuis Hall, Room 303).

Step #3 - Bring the completed ACF to Liann Joanette, Undergraduate Program Assistant, in Dupuis Hall, Room 200.

Step #4 - Liann will then present the form to the Undergraduate Program Chair for his review and signature.

Step #5 - Liann then makes a copy of the form and submits it to the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science for the Associate Dean’s permission and signature. 

Step #6 - The Faculty Office will then send the forms to the Faculty of Arts & Science for final permission or, if permission is already there, to the Registrar’s Office to register the student into the course.

Please note that this part of registration may take time to process. If you have submitted your completed form by the deadline to register in courses, but aren’t registered by the end of September, contact Liann as soon as possible.