Information & Documents

Useful Info & Documents for teams


  • TEAM Travel Procedure and Queen's Travel and Expenses Policy
  • "Field Trip Safety Agreement Form" - complete for whole year of approval
  • Financial and Travel Authorization: Use this CHEE web application prior to purchasing items, and for travel. You must include the financial costs of the travel with the form. Please provide complete details of the expense (who, what, and an estimate of the costs broken down). (link) Please note, this web application only works inside the Queen's firewall (not from home).
  • TEAM Finance Website - Instructions for Use


  • Follow the instructions for using CHEETools to create a request to purchase something (i.e. report printing).
  • Put the receipts for that purchase together and submit them with a copy of the CHEETools request to Elizabeth Agostino in the main Chemical Engineering Office.

Statement of Work, NDA, IP agreement, etc:

TEAM Branded Logo's

  • TEAM logo_Blue (pdf file)
  • TEAM logo_Red (png file)
  • TEAM logo and header (pdf file)
  • Be Careful that you meet the Queen's Corporate Identity Standard!!! (link)