CHEE 408: Bioengineering Research Project

Course Description

Students will conduct research on a Biochemical/Biomedical/Bioenvironmental Engineering related project. Based on the project objective provided by their faculty supervisor, the students will work independently to develop an experimental and/or modeling methodology, conduct experiments or simulations and generate data. Students will submit interim oral and written progress reports and a final oral presentation and technical report. They will be expected to present and defend their results in a conference/seminar setting. Students enrolling for this course are advised to consult with the faculty member supervisor concerned late in the winter term of their 3rd year of study. (0/0/28/0/56)

Course Information- Fall/Winter 2023-24

N.B. The information provided below will be edited for Fall/Winter 2023-24 to reflect responses from the students and faculty members.

Please note: Permission to enroll in CHEE 408 will only be granted after you have formally registered your project with the Course Coordinator. See "Obtaining a Research Project" below for further details.

Partial course content (for individuals not currently registered in the course) may be accessed via the following links:

Complete course content, including submission links, etc., will be available at the start of Fall term on the CHEE 408 onQ website (select the link below for more information):

CHEE 408 onQ website - Fall/Winter 2022-23

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