CHEE 421: Research Project

Course Description

This course provides an opportunity for students to work on an individual basis with faculty members of the department. Students will submit interim oral and written progress reports and a final oral presentation and technical report. They will be expected to present and defend their results in a conference/seminar setting. The projects may be concerned with engineering design and development work or may be of a more fundamental research nature. Students enrolling for this course are advised to consult with the faculty member concerned late in the winter term of their 3rd year of study. (0/0/28/0/56)

PREREQUISITES: ECGPA 3.20 or permission of the Department

Course Information- Fall/Winter 2020-21

Please note: Permission to enroll in CHEE 421 will only be granted after you have formally registered your project with the Course Instructor (David Poirier). See "Obtaining a Research Project" below for further details.

Partial course content (for individuals not currently registered in the course) may be accessed via the following links:

Complete course content, including submission links, etc., will be available at the start of fall term on the CHEE 421 onQ website (select the link below for more information):

Last Updated Aug. 12, 2020