The Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Association (CEGSA) unifies the chemical engineering graduate student community, organizes social events (Friday Grad Club Gatherings, Welcome Back BBQ, Paint Ball, Games Night, etc.), and ensures a mechanism for graduate students to communicate questions and concerns to their department. CEGSA's goal of building a sense of community and camaraderie amongst fellow graduate students is greatly benefited by being inclusive to a wide range of students, and a diverse array of viewpoints with regards to our department.

CEGSA team

CEGSA holds periodic events to engage the chemical engineering graduate student community and bring together the students, staff and professors.

For the ease of updating, CEGSA has a blog, and a Facebook page and profile to keep graduate students abreast the current events going on inside the department. E-mails are also circulated throughout the department by the Graduate Communications Assistant (Laurie Phillips) to ensure that every student is included in the notifications. The link to the Facebook profile, page, and the blog can be found below:


Facebook Page



Biweekly seminars are held in Dupuis Hall that bring in renowned speakers with different and interesting perspectives on topics that are related to the interests and research of students and professors within the department. If you wish to inquire about hosting a speaker, please contact Laurie Phillips. Seminars are held on Thursdays in room 215, Dupuis Hall. There is an open discussion in the same room immediately following the seminar and refreshments are provided. If you would like to view the next series of seminar speakers, please click the link below.

Seminar Series Link

Department Seminar Series Link

The Queen's University International Centre holds many events throughout the year that are open to graduate students. All graduate students, both native and from abroad, are encouraged to attend. Collaborative events are often held with the Department of Chemistry, as well as with the Undergraduate Chemical Engineering and Engineering Chemistry students from our department. Keep your ears and eyes open for messages about events that can enrich your experience in Graduate Studies at Queen's.

The dates and descriptions of 2018-2019 events are listed below and are subject to changes. Please feel free to email us at cegsaqueens@queensu.ca if you have any questions. 

Monthly CEGSA Fridays: Hangout and chill at the Grad Club with fellow chemical engineers. Snacks and pop will be provided.

Monthly Tea Breaks: Take a break from lab work and simulation and enjoy some treats in the graduate student lounge (B02). Snacks and Tea/Coffee provided by CEGSA.

Fall Semester

September 5th– Poster Day: See what other Queen’s chemical engineering graduate and undergraduate students are working on. Learn about their research and vote for your favourite poster!

September 7th– Welcome Back BBQ: Hosted at a local house close to campus, everyone from the department is welcome including professors, students, and staff. Drinks and food provided by CEGSA.

September 20th– Potluck: Get creative and bring a dish of choice to share with fellow graduate students. Located at Dupuis Hall.

October 13th– Apple Picking: Pick your own apples at Waddell Apple Orchard!

October 24th– Pumpkin Carving: Get ready for Halloween by carving your own pumpkin. Pizza and refreshments provided by CEGSA.

October 26th– Fort Fright Night: Explore Kingston’s famous haunted house at Fort Henry!

November 15th– Student Seminar Day: A delicious meal from Alibaba restaurant accompanied a full day of research presentations from graduate students in the department.

Winter 2019

January 14th– International Potluck: Bring a dish of choice to share that represents your nationality! Located at Dupuis Hall.

February 6th– Board Games Night: A Fun filled night with pizza and drinks provided by CEGSA.

February 9th– Snowshoeing: A fun winter activity located at Little Cataraqui Creek.

March 14th– Pi Day Potluck: Bring a pie to share and celebrate Pi day with the department.

April 25th– Student Seminar Day: See description above (November 15th).


May 28th– International Potluck: See description above (January 14th). 

June 23rd– Hiking Trip: Hike the beautiful trails Kingston has to offer at Frontenac Provincial Park.

July 18th– Sports Day and BBQ: Graduate students walk down to the waterfront for swimming, football, catch, frisbee, and any other sports. Refreshments provided by CEGSA

August 18th– Beach Day: Located at Sandbanks Provincial Park, enjoy a sunny summer day at the beach!

This is your executive!

Peter Gilbert

Position: President

Sreeman Mypati (PhD Candidate)

Email: 15sm84@queensu.ca
Office: Dupuis DUP 239

Peter Gilbert

Position: Vice President: PhD

Peter Gilbert (PhD Candidate)

Email: peter.gilbert@queensu.ca
Office: DUP 240

Brad Buren

Position: Vice President: Masters

Heather Simmons (MASc Candidate)

Email: 12hls3@queensu.ca 
Office: Dupuis G36

Michael McLaren

Position: Treasurer

Michael McLaren (MASc Candidate)

Email: 12mrm8@queensu.ca

Mandy Smith

Position: External Affairs Coordinator

Mandy Smith (MASc Candidate)

Email: 12ss166@queensu.ca
Office: Dupuis B16

Samantha Duff

Position: Social Coordinator - Events

Connor Sanders (MASc Candidate)

Email: 12cas15@queensu.ca
Office: Dupuis B16

Mia Wang

Position: Social Coordinator - Events and International Affairs

Mia Wang (MASc Candidate)

Email: 12mw51@queensu.ca
Office: Dupuis G37

Nathan Holwell

Position: HMRC/Biomedical Engineering Representative

Nathan Holwell (MASc Candidate)

Email: n.holwell@queensu.ca
Office: BioSci

Elections for the upcoming year are currently closed.

The Chemical Engineering Graduate Student Association (CEGSA) is calling for enthusiastic and motivated individuals to self-nominate for CEGSA executive positions. CEGSA holds an election once a year in spring to elect new representatives to the executive positions. A Moodle poll/survey is administered to every graduate student in the department and we encourage everyone to participate by voting for the candidate he/she feels is the most suited to hold the position.

No experience is necessary to join CEGSA, and we encourage all those interested to contact cegsaqueens@gmail.com by FRIDAY MARCH 27th, 2017 at 10 AM. Please include your name, degree program (Master's vs. PhD) and the executive position for which you would like to run.

Positions available are:

  • President
  • VP Ph.D.
  • VP Masters
  • Treasurer
  • External Affairs Coordinator
  • Social Coordinator - Events
  • Social Coordinator – Events and International Affairs
  • HMRC/Biomedical Engineering Rep

The descriptions of each position can be found under the Executive Positions tab. A list of candidates will be compiled by CEGSA for each position, and distributed to the candidates only. Candidates will then have the opportunity to confirm that they would like to run for a position, following disclosure of who they will be running against. Finalized candidates will be requested to submit a brief statement of interest to cegsaqueens@gmail.com by TUESDAY, MARCH 31st. Elections for all positions will be held by open graduate student vote within the department. We welcome all questions, comments, and/or concerns regarding CEGSA. To reach us, please email cegsaqueens@gmail.com. Please consider running for CEGSA, and be sure to cast your vote in the weeks to come!

Executive Positions Descriptions

Below are the CEGSA executive positions and responsibilities for the 2015-2016 year. All of the CEGSA committee members are expected to attend periodic CEGSA meetings and contribute to event planning and other department-student related matters so that the work load is distributed among the executive.


The president takes initiative in organizing the CEGSA executive to help carry out the events, encourage participation, and reach out to the graduate student body. The president or one of the VP’s represents the Chemical Engineering Department at the monthly meetings of the Society of Graduate and Professional Students (SGPS council meetings), and PSAC 901 (TA union) meetings, where university wide policy changes concerning graduate students are discussed and voted on. The other important role is being member of the Graduate Studies Advisory Committee (GSAC), where changes to the Chemical Engineering Department are discussed. Topics of discussion include: course requirements for graduate students, time to completion expectations, annual progress reports, and seminar series guest lecturers.

Vice-President: PhD

The VP PhD and the President have the opportunity to represent the chemical engineering department at the monthly meetings for the Society of Graduate and Professional Students (SGPS council meetings), and the PSAC 901 (TA Union). An important role of the VP is to be a member of GSAC, and provide the perspective of the PhD students within our department. The VP should support the President in his/her role and if the President is away or busy, the VP PhD has the responsibility of taking initiative to organize the executive and keep them on track.

Vice-President: Masters

The VP Master's is a member of GSAC, beside the President and VP PhD, bringing the perspective of all Master’s students in the department. It is essential for the Department to bring Master’s students a first-class introduction to grad school. Along with the VP PhD, the VP Master's has the responsibility of supporting the President in his/her role of organizing the executive, and should take initiative in leading them when the President is away or busy.


The treasurer oversees the budget that is allotted to CEGSA by the Department of Chemical Engineering. You must have good organization skills to facilitate balancing the CEGSA budget, applying for funding, reimbursing expenses, and keeping track of finances throughout the year. You are also responsible for supporting CEGSA events/responsibilities and updating the President and Social Coordinators on funding alotment for events.

External Affairs Coordinator

The external affairs coordinator acts as a bridge between various organizations that may be interested in combined events with CEGSA. Additionally, the external affairs coordinator will be responsible for handling the various CEGSA social media accounts. Specific duties include: making event posters, circulating hard and soft copies of posters to the department and creating Facebook invitations.

Social Coordinator - Events

The primary role of the Social Coordinator to help conceptualize, structure, and plan social events within the graduate student community, which requires good people skills, boundless enthusiasm and a keen eye for details and organization.  This is a great opportunity to develop interpersonal, communication and time management skills, and gain experience through organizing activities and events in a multi-cultural environment.  Specific duties include: making event posters and Facebook invitations, decorating party houses, and preparing light refreshments and appetizers.

Social Coordinator - Events and International Affairs

In cooperation with the other social coordinator, the second social coordinator prepares and promotes events. In particular, there should be a focus on incorporating events that promote the vast wealth of culture within our department and our university. This can include extending the invitation to events organized by the Queen's Univeristy International Center, or organizing events that extend beyond the department. The role of the second social coordinator is to ensure consistent support for international students concerning work/study plans, visa issues, livelihood, and entertainment within, while bringing an international perspective to CEGSA proceedings.

Human Mobility Research Centre/ Biomedical Engineering Representative

The Biomedical/HMRC representative's job is to act as a bridge between CEGSA and the graduate students at the HMRC and in the Biomedical Engineering program. It is important to ensure that the flow of communication/ issues between the two bodies is proper. This involves keeping CEGSA informed of issues facing Biomedical engineering students and HMRC members, as well as inviting those members/students to CEGSA events. Your role may extend to facilitating communications between interested graduate students in the BioSciences complex and CEGSA.