Recognizing the Work of Our Graduate Students

Posted on October 29, 2018


PhD Candidate, Joe Glasing, supervised by Dr. Michael Cunningham, had an article entitled “Graft-modified cellulose nanocrystals as CO2-switchable Pickering emulsifiers” recently published in the Royal Society of Chemistry’s journal Polymer Chemistry.  Joe’s article was also selected as the paper of the month for the front cover.

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Phd Candidate, Laura McKiel, supervised by Dr. Lindsay Fitzpatrick, had her article entitled “Toll-like Receptor 2Dependent NF-κB/AP1 Activation by Damage-Associated Molecular Patterns Adsorbed on Polymeric Surfaces” published in the American Chemical Society’s journal Biomaterials Science & Engineering.

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PhD Candidate, Aida Mohammadi, supervised by Dr. Aris Docoslis, had her article entitled “Improving the Surface-Enhanced Raman Scattering Performance of Silver Nanodendritic Substrates with Sprayed-On Graphene-Based Coatings” published in MPDI’s journal Sensors.

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