Spectra Plasmonics Among the 9 Finalists in Canada-Wide Competition

Posted on April 23, 2019

Spectra-Queen'sShown left to right: Malcolm Eade, Spectra CEO; Graham Gibson,
Hannah Dies, Aris Docoslis and Josh Raveendran.

Health Canada, in partnership with Impact Canada, launched the Drug-Checking Technology Challenge, which encourages industry to accelerate innovation in this area and to develop tools to allow people who use drugs and those who support them to make informed decisions based on the composition of a drug. As part of the Challenge, nine semi-finalists were recently selected and will each receive $25,000 to develop prototypes.  Spectra Plasmonics was among those nine finalists. 

The first phase of the project is a research grant of $25K. Almost half of the finalists will advance to Phase II by the end of the year, where the research grant becomes $100K. In about a year from now, one of these companies will be selected to develop a technology for Health Canada for on-site drug detection.  

Spectra’s product development is based on (commercializable) patent pending technology, developed at Queen’s Univerisity by two Professors (Escobedo, Docoslis) and two PhD students (Hannah Dies, Josh Raveendran).

Health Canada press release