Chemical Engineering Professor recieves Prize for Excellence in Research for 2020

Posted on October 29, 2020

Michael Cunningham

Dr. Michael Cunningham was one of three recipients of a Queen's University Prize for Excellence in Research 2020. The Prizes for Excellence in Research are Queen’s highest internal research award.

The Prizes for Excellence in Research have been the signature internal research prize since 1980 and represent an important investment by Queen’s in recognizing research and scholarship across the faculties. This year, the awards are going to three recipients, with each being awarded a prize of $20,000, allocated for research and accessible through a special research account. Also new this year was a consideration of overall research impact and efforts in knowledge mobilization through collaborations and partnerships, and in sharing research beyond the academy.

Dr. Cunningham’s research achievements in polymer chemistry and green engineering have attracted the attention of academics and numerous companies worldwide. He has spent 30 years studying how to reduce the environmental and health-related impacts of processes used to make materials that are essential for a modern society. His research group has pioneered major innovations in developing new water-based processes that eliminate the use of harmful chemicals in manufacturing processes, developed new materials that may replace solvent based products and offer new ways to purify drinking water, and more recently established new protocols for making renewably-sourced materials.

For further information, or to learn more about the other recipients, visit the Queen's Gazette.

This story was originally published in the Queen's Gazette on October 29, 2020