Areas of Research

Exciting fields of research in Chemical Engineering identified for Ontario Council of Graduate Studies (OCGS) accreditation are biochemical engineering, polymers and reaction engineering, and process systems engineering. Within these broad areas, the department has significant research activity in the following areas:


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  • Biomaterials, controlled release, tissue engineering
  • Biosensor
  • Systems biology
  • Environmental remediation and waste conversion
Process Systems Engineering and Systems Biology:
  • Process modeling
  • Control engineering
  • Large-scale integrated process control and optimization
  • Systems biology and data analytics
Materials and Interfaces:
  • Graphene integrated functional technologies (GIFT)
  • Polymer science and technology
  • Bio/chemical sensor development
  • Energy storage
Clean Energy and Sustainable Environment:
  • Green chemistry and engineering products and processes
  • Environmental remediation
  • Sustainable fuels and chemicals
  • Bio-based polymer
  • Electrochemical energy storage systems