11.0 Procedures In The Event Of Accident Involving Injury Or Death

11.1 Accidents Involving Injuries

The supervisor (see Section 6.1) is responsible for ensuring that the procedures below are followed. The supervisor should be contacted immediately after an accident, if they are not available contact the Department Safety Officer or Department Head.

  • Seek Medical Attention. First aid should be given by someone who has had appropriate training. Names of people qualified to administer first aid is on the front of the first aid kits.

  • In the case of minor injuries that cannot be satisfactorily treated by first aid, or if there is any doubt, the injured person shall be sent or taken to the hospital emergency center, or the doctor of their choice. You must also inform your supervisor so they can provide you with assistance. If the supervisor is not available, proceed to the hospital, with your Employee WSIB Form 6. The Form 6 should be submitted to the Environmental Health and Safety department within 48 hours of the supervisor becoming aware of the injury/illness. The EH&S department is responsible for investigating workplace injuries. They will forward the Form 6 to the Human Resources department who will complete the payroll information where required and file the claim with the WSIB.

  • In the case of injuries that are more than minor the injured person should, after giving first aid as is immediately necessary and possible, be taken to the Kingston General Hospital Emergency Center. If the person is severely injured, or if in any doubt, an ambulance is necessary, call immediately 36111. A SEVERELY INJURED PERSON SHOULD NOT BE MOVED without the advice of medical or ambulance personnel. The supervisor must be informed immediately.

11.2 Accidents Involving Critical Injury or Death

  • Immediately call 36111 for assistance.

  • As soon as possible, notify (a) Supervisor; (b) the Head of the Department or Safety Officer, and (c) the Department of Environmental Health and Safety. The Department of Occupational Health and Safety will notify the appropriate government agencies.

  • The following pertinent excerpt from the Act should be noted by all:

    ". . no person shall, except for the purpose of

    (a) saving life or relieving human suffering;

    (b) preventing unnecessary damage to equipment or other property, interfere with, disturb, destroy, alter, or carry away any wreckage, article or thing at the scene of or connected with the occurrence until permission so to do has been given by an inspector."

11.3 Accident Reports

The supervisor must ensure that Form 6 has been completed and submitted to the Department Safety Officer and Queen's Environmental Health & Safety Department as soon as possible. Answers to FAQ are available from the WSIB.

Note: Form 6 must be submitted to Queen's Environmental Health and Safety within 48 hours of the accident and they will forward it to WCB. The WCB will levy a penalty of $250 and you may also be liable, on conviction, to a fine of up to $25,000 for late submission of the report.

11.4 On Calling Ambulances

The following points should be noted:

  • Call the Emergency Report Center at 36111, and inform them that an ambulance is needed. Say where the injured person is; e.g., "There has been an accident at Queen's. Please send an ambulance for an injured person located in Room XXX, Dupuis Hall, the Chemical Engineering Building, on Division Street. Please tell your people to enter by the Division Street entrance."

  • If possible, have someone go to the building entrance to meet the ambulance attendants at the door and lead them to the injured person. This is particularly necessary when the outside doors are locked (during hours when the building is closed).