Process Synthesis

Complex organic molecules such as pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals and polymeric materials are essential to human health. Engineering Chemists study the fundamentals of organic reactions as well as modern methods of synthesizing these molecules on laboratory and commercial scales.

The application of Green Chemistry, wherein chemical manufacturing processes are (re)designed to minimize material and process hazards, is a central concept. The goal is to improve the efficiency of fine chemical syntheses while reducing health and safety risks to workers and the environment.

Courses that contribute to this design specialty include:

  • ENCH 245 Applied Organic Chemistry
  • CHEE 311  Fluid Organic Chemistry
  • CHEE 324   Fluid Phase and Reaction Equilibria
  • CHEE 323  Organic Process Development
  • CHEE 470  Design of Manufacturing Processes
Chemical Diagnostics

The role of an Engineering Chemist in process design ranges from early-stage innovation, when knowledge of basic principles is needed to create and/or advance new technology, to late-stage design, when detailed equipment specification and financial analyses are required.  This broad design scope is a distinguishing feature of the Engineering Chemistry program.