All General Staff and Students, Researchers and Building Users...

Must comply with the safety regulations designated for Chemical Engineering and Dupuis Hall. This includes reviewing the Departmental Safety Manual as well as any additional safety forms and WHMIS testing as required.

Working Group Members

These members consist of a cross-section of departmental personnel to evaluate and monitor safety standards within the Department of Chemical Engineering.

Office Phone Name E-Mail Address Status
201 33093 Dr. Brian Amsden Head
201 32766 Lynn O'Malley Staff
B24 78384 Kelly Sedore Staff
B9 36679 Dani Sanderson Staff

Safety Forms

Any individual who will be working in Chemical Engineering must complete the following safety forms with their supervisor. For those individuals who will be working in a laboratory, access will not be granted to the laboratory until these forms have been completed and signed off by the Departmental Safety Officer.

The Safety Expectations Form states that the individual has read and understood the Departmental Safety Manual.

The Orientation Checklist Form ensures that the individual has been given an orientation of the area that they will be working in by their supervisor.

The Experimental Procedures Form is a summary of the research that the individual will be performing.

First Aid

Information regarding First Aid can be found here.